Brighten Your Family Room with Lamps and More

When revamping your family room or decorating one in a new home, Lamps and More has the lamps, lamp shades, accessories and more to provide the look you’re seeking.

When it comes to the family room, the concept of layering light is particularly beneficial. This is the room where people tend to gather most, and for long periods of time.  Most people prefer ambient lighting in these areas meant for relaxation, so try to use lights that work by bouncing their rays off the ceiling. This “upward” lighting creates a sense of brightness in the room without the use of downward, recessed lights that can be too harsh. What you’re left with is a bright, inviting atmosphere. Decorative floor lamps are another way to create an upward glow.

Don’t forget about task lighting, which can be provided by table lamps placed near a reading chair or activity table. Accent lighting is another option; it can be directed towards a focal point in the room, such as paintings or large plants.

Lighting your family room doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Whatever your decorating goals are, Lamps and More has the lighting and accessories to help you meet them.

Lighting Options for Your Apartment

When the time comes to give your apartment a facelift and a new breath of life, light fixtures can go a long way in setting the look and feel. One effective method is to browse the lighting options Lamps and More has to offer, such as decorative table tamps, contemporary buffet lamps, and more.

Lighting is one of the most important features of any living space, and this is especially true of the smaller spaces associated with most apartments. Lighting is essential for setting the mood and feel of your space, and lack of the right lighting can hinder productivity. Luckily, there are many different types and styles of lighting that lend themselves well to apartment use.

No matter what kind of lighting you decide to go with, your lighting and lamp choices will go a long way in helping you drastically transform your living area. Make sure you take some time to experiment with your light fixtures and lamps to see which ones allow you the best freedom for design and decor.

You have a wide variety of lighting options to choose from; coastal style lamps, decorative floor lamps, and modern table lamps are all waiting for you at Lamps and More!

Things to Consider When Choosing Light Fixtures

There are many small details that go into completing an interior remodeling project in the home. One of the details that make a massive difference to the look and feel of a space is the lighting. These fixtures can completely change the aesthetics and ambiance of a room, but you need to choose them wisely. Before you go out and buy yourself a set of light fixtures for your home, consider the following factors:

You obviously want a light fixture that is aesthetically appealing and complements the home’s architectural style. Endless modern table lamps, contemporary buffet lamps and more are available to suit the room you’re shopping for. You may even find that a few different types of styles may be needed to create a cohesive look in your home.

Aside from the look of a light fixture, it’s got to function properly – and just the way you need it to. When determining whether a certain light fixture will function properly in a particular scenario, many issues need to be considered. For instance, what other light fixtures will it accommodate? Will the light fixture accept a variety of wattages? How much can the fixture be adjusted? Does it allow for accessories as needed? The answers to these questions will help you determine which light fixture is right for you.

How Lighting Affects Our Mood

When you’re feeling a little down at work or home, it could have something to do with the lighting in your environment. Whether it’s your living room lighting that’s playing with your brain or the amount of light you have in your work area, the amount of lighting that is in your life can greatly contribute to your mood. We found some great facts on how your brain processes light and how you can change it in your environment.

It all starts in your eyeballs. The center of your eyeballs, or your retinas, is what affects the way light is processed in your brain. The cells in your retinas, or photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (PRGC), are the cells that are directly linked to the part of your brain which processes the different lights that pass through them. These wavelengths of light often give off different colors that are processed by the brain to produce melatonin, the hormone that helps us fall asleep. That means that when a modern table lamp nearby has a bulb that is giving off a blue hue, you’re likely to feel more lethargic and grumpy.

All of this light that gets processed by your PRGC’s is also hooked to something called your circadian rhythms. These rhythms are what help your brain produce the chemicals it needs to sleep, to wake up, and to feel alert throughout the day. When alters the circadian rhythms of your brain, your limbic system (the place in your brain that controls moods) is affected.