Adding Style to Your Living Room with Accent Lamps

glass lamp shadesThe living room is the perfect place to show off your personal sense of style. From the wallpaper to the furniture, to the centerpiece on your coffee table, every aspect of your living room plays a role in displaying your personal taste. One of the best ways to elevate your living room décor is to place unique accent lamps on your desk, console table or end tables.

If your living room has a sleek and streamlined look, choose accent lamps with a minimalistic, contemporary design. Try seeking lamps with a cylindrical or square-shaped base.

You can’t go wrong with a classic, traditional-style accent lamp. A standard base paired with a tasteful lamp shade can add elegance to your living room. Choose your lamp shades in a color that is complementary to your walls, but still stands out.

Vintage décor will never go out of style! A lamp with one of our glass lamp shades is sure to help create the perfect ambience while watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the living room. Use vintage-style lamps to create that perfect, classic Hollywood look.

If your personal style could be described as luxurious, then there’s no doubt you’ll be in need of some truly elegant accent lamps. Adorn your living room in crystal or gold to achieve a gorgeous and romantic look that matches your decadent design tastes.

How to Choose the Perfect Floor Lamp for Reading

reading floor lampsThere’s nothing quite like curling up in your reading chair with a good book, but it can be frustrating if you don’t have adequate lighting. Reading floor lamps are the perfect way to provide illumination for reading. They’re portable, so you can read wherever there’s an outlet, and they’re available in a wide variety of styles to suit your personal taste. But how do you select the ideal reading lamp?

Consider the existing décor in the room you plan to place your floor lamp. Choosing a design that matches the style of the space is important for maintaining the unique style that you have developed. You should also consider the way different styles of floor lamps cast their light. For example, a bowl-shaped floor lamp will direct light upwards, which is not conducive to reading.

Lamp Height
The height of your new floor lamp is also important. If your room has high ceilings, choosing a shorter lamp will look comically small. If you choose a lamp that is too tall, it could look awkward in the space, and place the source of illumination too far away for reading.

Bulb Housing
The final thing you should consider is your lap shade. When sitting in your reading chair, the shade should be long enough that you can’t see the bulb when sitting near it. An exposed bulb near your reading chair could hurt your eyes and make it difficult to focus on reading.

Decorating Tips for a Stress-Free Home

living room floor lampsLife is unavoidably stressful sometimes, but your home shouldn’t be; Your home should be your sanctuary. It should be the one place you’re able to relax and unwind after a long day. Creating a stress-free environment is easy, and we have some tips to help you create your very own relaxing oasis after a long day’s work.

  • Decorate your foyer or entryway with lighting and furniture you love. Since these are the first things you’ll see when you walk into your home, it’s important to add home decor items here that will enhance your mood.
  • Fill your home with soft, relaxing light. Table lamps, living room floor lamps, and pendant lights are just a few light fixtures that provide soft light that will instantly add a sense of relaxation to a room.
  • Steer clear of unsightly messes by keeping things like old newspapers and mail neatly organized. For some, too much clutter can contribute to stress and anxiety. Create more space in each room by donating unneeded furniture or items to your local Goodwill store.
  • One of the easiest ways to create a relaxing environment in your home is by adding plants and flowers. Research suggests that houseplants can lighten your mood and even improve productivity.

Practical Lighting for Your Home

nightstand lampProper lighting can improve the look of your home, while making daily tasks easier and more enjoyable!. Practical lighting is extremely important, and awhile well lit room may look great, the room must also remain functional. Follow these simple steps to make sure your room is lit for the mood, as well as for practical everyday uses. Your mood and needs change, and so should your lighting.

Track Lighting
Track lighting is extremely flexible. Stationary lights are great if you need to flood a space with light, but sometimes we need extra light in areas where a stationary light isn’t illuminating.

Bedside Lighting
A larger nightstand lamp with increased lumen capacity is much more useful than the tiny lamp you may have now. By upgrading to a bigger lamp or installing a wall sconce or two, your bedside lighting will become more useful.

Mood Lighting
Lights in your bedroom, kitchen, and living room should not just provide functionality, but should also fit the appropriate “mood” for the room. Setting your lights on a dimmer will help you control the brightness and amount of light you need for any setting or situation. For example, a romantic evening in the living room can be ruined by bright lighting, but a family night in the living room can be ruined by lack of light.

Creating the Perfect Reading Corner

decorative floor lampsFor some, there’s nothing better than curling up in a comfortable spot with a good book – and a reading nook is a space than can act as a secluded haven that minimizes
the unnecessary noise of everyday life. The perfect nook to enjoy your favorite books and magazines can be created in a variety of ways, simply starting with an unused corner in your living room or bedroom.

Choose Your Spot
When creating the perfect reading corner, it’s essential to first pick the right spot! Be sure to consider the amount of noise in the room, as well as the level of privacy (for instance, it will be difficult to get any reading done if children are playing in the same room).

Choose Your Seating
After you’ve chosen the perfect spot, it’s time to choose seating. If you’ll want to put your feet up, consider lounge chair or chaise. Or, if you already have a traditional chair in mind, simply add an ottoman. You’ll also want to add a surface (like a small accent table) to rest your book, magazines, Kindle, and mug.

Choose Your Lighting
For the most comfortable read with no eye straining, we recommend a combination of ambient and task lighting. Decorative floor lamps are a great choice of task lighting for a reading corner, as well as pendants from overhead. If possible, choose task lighting than can be dimmed to create the perfect amount of illumination regardless of the time of day you’re choosing to relax.

Guide to Living Room Lighting

traditional candle holdersWhile lighting is an important aspect of every room, it is particularly important in the living room, as this is where we spend quite a bit of time. However, it can be a tricky space to achieve the right lighting balance.

Ambient Lighting
Ambient lighting casts the warm lighting that is desired in most living rooms. It includes minimal glare and provides the general illumination that makes the living room feel comfortable and inviting. Ambient lighting comes in the form of chandeliers or ceiling light pendants. However, not all homes have a ceiling fitting in the living room; in this case, a large arc lamp will do the trick.

Task Lighting
If you read frequently or work in your living room, task lighting is essential to illuminate a particular area.  You can also use task lighting such as cottage lamps to define different zones of the room. These are not the lights you use all the time; they’re only to be used when you’re doing a task, such as reading or paying bills.

Accent Lighting
Floor lamps and low-level table lamps will help create a comfortable atmosphere in your living room, especially at night. Simply space them around the room evenly. Feel free to get creative with this type of lighting – even traditional candle holders with your favorite array of candles will count.

Choosing New Light Fixtures for Your Updated Home or Apartment

decorative table lampsWhen you’re seeking a new look for your home and planning a little makeover, there are plenty of ways to go about it. The light fixtures used in your home’s décor are much more than a light source – they can make stunning focal points for your interior design. If you’re in need of some ideas, consider the following:

Reuse & Recycle
Recycle the old and create something new by repainting your existing lamps, or simply giving them a new unique lamp shade. Or, simply moving them between rooms can provide the small change you’re seeking.

Unique Lighting
There are several different types of lighting, so make sure you don’t stick to the same traditional lamps. Consider using string lights for a unique focal point, or some directional lighting to target the exact area you want. String lights are inexpensive, and directional lights will add a nice accent to the room.

Lamp Accents
Lamps and More has a range of great accent lighting pieces you can add to your home’s existing décor. Our decorative lamps come in all shapes, sizes and finishes and are a great way to accessorize a room. Whether you need contemporary buffet lamps or decorative table lamps, our selection has what you’re looking for!

Wake Up Your Home with Dining Room Lighting

contemporary buffet lampsOne of the quickest and easiest ways to give your dining room a new look is with new lighting. Efficient dining room lighting will help brighten up the space or add new character to this typically-small room. At Lamps and More, there’s a wide variety of lighting fixtures to choose from; Select something a little more formal for elegant dinners, or something fun and modern for a casual atmosphere.

When upgrading the lighting in your dining room, you’ll need to decide among different options including:

  • Buffet lamps
  • Floor lamps
  • Recessed lighting
  • Chandeliers

Each of the above options will help give your home a fresh new look. Just take a look at all the available options at Lamps and More, and choose the one that best suits your personality. Updating the look if your dining room will provide a great place to enjoy a quiet meal, or a place for friends to gather.

The lighting in your dining room is one of those details that can drastically change its atmosphere. If you’re seeking a change but are not in need of a complete renovation, then switching the lighting is a great option. Once you’ve added the contemporary buffet lamps or floor lamps of your choice, you’ll love enjoying meals in your new dining area.

Tips for Decorating Kids’ Rooms

decorative table lampsOne of the biggest challenges that come with designing a kid’s room is making sure the design will grow with the child. To make sure you design and decorate wisely by using little touches like decorative table lamps, wall art, throw rugs, and window treatments, we have compiled some tips to follow as you begin decorating your kid’s room:

Choose room furnishings and decorations that are easy to set up, easy to customize, and that can be rearranged so they grow with your child. Keep it simple and use basic frames, neutral colors, and let the furniture, accessories, art, and decor add the splash of color your kids want. The simpler your design is, the longer it will work for them as they mature and grow.

Let the kids have a say in the design and decor used in their rooms. This is their place to express their creativity, interests and unique style, so try to give them as much freedom as possible – especially with adolescents and teens.

Make it easier to change styles and themes by relying more on displays and moveable decorations than stationary decor features. When they want posters, wall art, and other items hung on the wall, allow your kids to be creative.

With these tips for kids’ room décor, you are well on your way to finding new and wonderful ways to design a room that your kids will love. It is about making their room truly theirs — not just now, but for years to come.

Using Accessories to Make Your Home Decor Pop

contemporary lamp shadesThere are many ways to customize your home and decorate it for maximum effect — one of the most common being decorating with accessories. From contemporary lamp shades to storage units and throw rugs, there are many ways to make your home’s decor “pop”:

Don’t Change the Style of Your Home
Older homes can be a bit of a challenge to decorate, as there are so many modern accessories available today. It can be tempting to change the style of your home to make it more modern, but this is often a mistake. Instead, find unique ways to turn old school design and decor into beautiful designs that are suitable for your home’s current style.

Don’t Be Afraid of Work
Most home renovation projects involve a degree of sweat, and even some tears. Take your time designing the layout, decor and accessories you will need for your living room, bedroom, or wherever you are remodeling.

Contemporary lamp shades are a great accessory, as are pieces like vases, mirrors, wall art, throw rugs, decor pillows, and artwork. Finding the best design can take some work, but once you find the right combination, it is well worth the effort!

Increase Efficiency, Not Size
If space is limited, you’ll need to focus on efficiency rather than the size of the pieces you incorporate in your decor. Instead of buying a large storage unit, consider a smaller ottoman with hidden storage space inside. Rather than a big tower lamp, consider a table lamp with a contemporary lamp shade for the coffee table. Efficiency is more important than the size, shape or color of the items you choose.